About Ibis Chess Club

Ibis Chess Club is the official NFT project of Ibis Prep, the world’s premier academic tutoring service. The Ibis is a legendary bird sacred in many cultures, and chess is one of the most revered strategy games of all time. Ibis Chess Club consists of 3141 unique chess pieces that are engaged in battle on the blockchain meta-board. Some pieces are more valuable than others based on their traits including a meta move. Ibis Chess Club members will receive access to future drops, including the Flying Ibis drop and the Checker Pieces drop. Members will have access to virtual chess tournaments throughout the year as well as live events in Miami, FL. Most importantly, Ibis Chess Club members will receive complete access to all Ibis Prep educational resources and materials. A portion of royalties will go toward educational programs for underprivileged students. This project is created with the help of Palm and Cedar LLC, a team that has two bored apes behind the wheel. Stay tuned for more updates from Ibis Chess Club, and join the discord today! The first 500 members of the discord will receive one of the pieces for free ahead of the drop.


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